Micro VS Macro Influencers? Who is good for your campaigns?

Influencer marketing has hit the market like a sack of brick over the years. It has proven one of the best ways to promote engage the brand with the right audience. According to the recently released report, 80% of marketers find this strategy most effective, and 71% reported that it helps them to drive growth. It also entices quality visitors, allowing them to interact with their products and services. Influencer marketing leads to some excellent outcomes that include increasing awareness, enhancing brand advocacy, reaching new customers, and boosting sales conversion.

Do you know the popular social media platforms used by influencers to promote? Well, Instagram hits the list as this platform offer some great features and easy accessibility, followed by Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Though influencer marketing is a popular social media marketing strategy, but the struggle to choose the right influencer is a big hurdle for brands.

Before begin influencer search journey, it is essential to understand the basics of searching an influencer for your brand. There are basically four types of influencers viz Nano influencer, micro influencer, macro influencer and celebrity influencer. In this blog we will be talking about Micro and macro influencers.

However, choosing the right local influencer is not a cake walk, as the market is overflowing with so many personalities that can help you promote your brand. That's the reason we have outlined four strategies that will help you find the right local influencer:

Who are micro influencers?

Micro influencers are the ones that have less than 30K followers on the social media platform so we can term them as normal people. These types of influencers are still struggling to become established influencers, and you can easily find them on social media. Mostly they have an eye on good photography to increase their followers.

Who are macro influencers?

Apparently, people more than 30K followers are considered as macro influencers. You can say they are a kind of social media celebrities as they have established themselves in the market. Many brands are actually running behind them to promote their products or services. This approach positions a brand in front of millions of people that eventually boosts visibility and brand awareness.

Micro Vs. Macro Influencer- Which is better for your business?

1.Customer Engagement

It could be hard to believe, but micro influencers have the highest engagement ratio as compared to macro. According to research by SocialPubli, micro influencers generate seven times more engagement than the average generated by macro influencers. Now, you might be wondering how this is possible. Undoubtedly, micro influencers have fewer followers than macro, but their followers are very much connected who are actually fascinated with their content. Thats the reason their followers mostly get attracted to content, even if it is sponsored.

More so, data says that micro influencers with 1000 followers or less, get likes on their post 8% more than macro, and 13% more comments comparatively.

2.Wider Reach

The only big thing you can say that macro influencers have, and micro doesn't is the massive reach. Even though micro influencers have a decent reach, but they cannot beat the reach of macro influencers. As mentioned above, that macro influencers are considered as the people who have followers ranging from 30K to 5000K and micro influencers are the ones with 5K to 30K followers.

This means macro influencers have the ability to promote your business to a larger audience. You will require several micro influencer partners to reach the number where macro influencers are already ruling. Thus, if the ultimate goal of your business is to enhance the visibility and create awareness about your products or services, then macro influencers is a better option.


Undoubtedly, macro influencers have more followers, so their charges are also high comparatively. This becomes quite challenging for small business or startup that holds a small budget for marketing influencers. New York Times released some amazing stats; a top influencer with 3-7 million followers charges $187,500 per YouTube video and for other platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat they charge an average of $75,000.


When it comes to relevancy working with a micro influencer is one of the best ways as theyre connected to relevant people. This approach will help you boost your ROI of your influencer marketing campaign immensely. Micro influencers are often subject matter experts, which is their most appreciated quality. Be it fashion bloggers, beauty influencers, gamers, fitness Instagrammers, etc., with a little audience but relevant. Therefore, they are likely generating quality leads with great ease as compared to macro influencers.

5.Authenticity and reliability

Customers love real things, and thats the reason influencer marketing is a boon to enhance ROI for brands. Customers actually take recommendations related to products or services seriously, which ultimately help brand to establish an authentic connection with your target audience. While comparing both the influencers in terms of authenticity and reliability, micro influencers without any doubt, win the race.