About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

# We work on delivering ROI on your influencer campaign beyond just likes, comments, share.
# We have strong marketing and content expertise and tools to deliver results with a complete measurability in real time.
# We are serious about influencer marketing that’s why we make sure to sign up only those influencers who are real and have real followers.
# We make sure to comply with all the rules and policies as per the authorities to run a influencers campaign to avoid any legal complication

Our Mission.

We are on a mission to run highly effective measurable influencer marketing campaign to deliver ROI. Using our strong influencer marketing tool to choose right influencers for right campaign to launch it in an effective and flawless way.

What we Do.

We help to connect brands with larger audiences through true social media advocates or influencers. We identify, signup and create campaign strategies with influencers. Create content and launch on right social media platform with right influencer to reach the campaign goal.



Co-Founder & Business Head


Mitesh Jain

Co-Founder & Tech Head