Sociopuff is an influencer marketing agency

We connect brands with quality influencers to scale the brand campaign results beyond clicks, share, like and comments.

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ROI driven campaigns across platforms

Running social media influencer marketing campaigns on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc to convert engagements into results.

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Brand Safe Influencer Marketing campaigns

Manually scan each influencer authenticity in our platform and make sure a well-defined contract is done to run brand-safe campaigns as per rules.

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Campaign and reporting in real-time

An advertiser can see the real-time reporting of the influencer campaign and improve campaign performance accordingly in each social media platform.

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Get high-quality video and photo content for your brand. Our influencers, creators and models can do the best visual representation of your brand online and offline.

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CASE STUDY- How Truebasics uses the powers of macro-influencers

Truebasic is a brand of Bright life care which make health and beauty supplement. The Brand wanted to promote a beauty supplement called Collagen beauty via Macro influencers on Instagram.

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How much do influencer charge?

Santa Claus is one of the first influencers for marketing products and continues to be the favorite. Influencer marketing dating back to nearly a century now is only going strong along with social media and other types of marketing. From 1920 only a few brands in the market were shaping product-centered marketing.

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How gaming companies are leveraging influencers?

The interest in mobile games is only increasing with time. Some amazing gaming franchises always keep gamers on their toes. And the competition is only getting stiff for gaming companies – all of them keep trying how they can amaze the global gaming community.

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