Top 5 reason why brands should use influencer marketing in 2019

To gain a competitive advantage it is imperative to stay updated with the latest trends in the social media marketing. Have you heard about influencer marketing these days? If yes, then it's high time to add this method in your social media marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is a great source to connect with a larger audience across the categories say it retail, beauty, fashion, health, gadgets, business etc. With influencer marketing, you can not only target local as well as global customers.

There are innumerable benefits of embracing influencer marketing in 2019 for your business as it enables you to connect with a wider audience. Below are top 5 reason why brands should use influencer marketing in 2019:

1. The power is authentic

"Mouth-of-word marketing" has not been eliminated from this modern era. It is still the most effective medium that help businesses to drive sales. According to researchers, 92% of customers believe word of mouth recommendations rather than online reviews. And if your target audience is millennial, then as per reports, millennial find their favorite YouTube personality more understanding and convincing than their real friends.

For instance, if you are beauty brand, then getting in touch with beauty influencers is an ideal way to capture the market. In the similar way you can choose your influencers to run your campaign in your niche.

2. It is a social media strategy

Yes, it's all about social media marketing! According to a recently released survey across Americans, 68% use Facebook, 29% are on Pinterest, 35% are on Instagram, 25% use LinkedIn, and 24% use Twitter. These days, having a website is alone will take not your business to the next level. You have to work simultaneously on social media platforms as well. Generally, customers expect that brands should convey their product information, announcements and features on social media platforms. This is where marketing influencers come into play. Call upon fashion influencers or TikTok star that has maximum followers to attain visibility and showcase your product to the world.

3. Enhances customer engagement

Influencers often have followers ranging from 1k to 10 million and more, so it depends on your budget and business on how to choose the followers. Large businesses have a huge budget to spend on marketing; that's the reason they often search for followers those have millions of followers. Whereas, small businesses always prefer influencers with minimal, but genuine followers that would buy their products or services. The engagement of these influencers matters most for any brands to promote their campaigns through any influencer.

4. Content is king

To boost your brand's visibility and to reach out great influencers, content is all that you need! It is vital that you have an amazing script to convey your product information to the target audience. Marketers always prefer the content that emotionally touches their audiences and impacts their mind. Influencer campaigns will help you with great engaging content creation.

5. Boosts ROI

Influencer marketing immensely enhances the ROI of businesses as you convert the maximum target audience by creating right content and utilizing tools like affiliate links, Promo codes etc. Picking the right influencer for your brand promotion and equip with great content will help in converting followers into customers.