Top apps used by influencers to edit videos

Have you come across a great marketer or influencer that can promote your brand? Well, its great news! But have you incorporated videos in your market strategy? It must be yes because video marketing is becoming a revolutionary tool for boosting sales. According to the report by Hubspot title as The State of Video Marketing in 2018, 76% businesses gave a positive response that video marketing actually helped them to enhance their sales.

Therefore, being a part of this new phenomenon is the only choice you have. Thats the reason businesses should shoot videos of their influencer marketing to engage more audience. Lets say Instagram, it has take over our lives immensely and youll find many influencers shooting their videos for promoting brands. you can ask any Instagram influencer to shoot a video for you! Now you might be wondering about the cost factor, well, in this high-tech world theres no need of purchasing expensive cameras for shooting videos. Influencers boast best in industry smartphones that provide amazing picture quality.

Youre above everything! But the real challenge begin is editing, sometimes some editing apps degrade the video quality, which is obviously unacceptable. So it is crucial for you to know the trending video editing apps so that you could recommend your influencers to use that strictly. Heres the list:

1. Inshot

This is an amazing video app that will make you feel why it was not released earlier. It is the perfect app for adding videos on Instagram. Mostly Instagram offers 9:16 for stories, but if you want to create a story solely for your feed, then you need to crop the video in square shape to fit the grid flawlessly. Its a tiresome to shoot videos in different dimensions, trim down certain part, but with Inshot things are different!

In shot not only allow you to cut the footage, edit, add filters, but it also enable you resize your video as per the various aspect ratios. You can also optimize stickers, add background colors, and add music, text in your videos. This is highly recommendable app for fashion influencers as one can upload anything anywhere without any hassle.

2. Magisto

This is the smartest video editing kit! Magisto stands out of the crowd due to its sophisticated AI feature that works best for video editing. It applies some unique AI techniques that include stabilization, video filter, face recognition and even auto-crop, allowing the video to be in the frame. Though the app is quite tech-savvy, but its navigation is super easy and you can also use Magistos template to get started with this app. You can begin with the initial editing using their Smart Storyboard tool. Many tech influencers prefer Magisto for promoting any new tech in the market.

Additionally, it also creates videos using the stagnant pictures from gallery that still looks fresh and young. Theres an option to add audio to the video by using the music library of the smartphone.

3. Quick by GoPro

The all new Quick enable to create great video content for vides using the Instagram feed from both the videos and pictures stored in camera roll imported on GoPro. Once youve selected the much loved video clip, Quick works magically by finding the most interesting in those videos and pictures to come up with an amazing video that hit your locked memories.

Thats the reason many travel influencers prefer Quick to speedily trim down video and add highlights from the camera story to publish a great video. You can also add various transitions and effect to make the video more interesting.

4. Mojo

Mojo help influencers to create dynamic videos for various social media platforms, even one doesnt have any footage to play with! Surprised? Yes, it is true! You can explore Mojos animated templates or still photos or videos and create engaging videos for the target audience. It is best if you want to highlight the content specifically in the video. One can add text, change background colors, and also add pages if you want to make your video quite long.

5. Horizon

Sometimes horizontal are quite eye-catchy that entices audience more. Now this is possible with Horizon as shooting in this app is like having pro gimbals engineer for the camera, regardless of whether you hold your device upright, sideways or you keep it rotating. It can capture your video in any dimension and deliver it in horizontal frame. More so, you can reap advantages of its incredible features that include 60 & 120 FPS slow motion setting, export function, and in-app video filters.

6. Wondershare FilmoraGo

You might have come across Flimora on your desktop, same company has introduced its Wondershare mobile app that nails the video editing world. Many popular marketing influencers utilize this platform for promoting different brands. In case, if influencers are always on the go, they switch to Easy Mode that enables influencers to simply drag and drop videos, add audio to the trimmed video, and save the video in minutes. It eliminates the guesswork for video editing and creates uncomplicated but engaging video for target audience. There are many food influencers using this tool for sharing their vlogs of different countries.


In a nutshell, these top 6 video editing apps are way more popular in the market across millions of influencers. So what are you waiting for? Choose anyone and make it your standard platform video editing to achieve better quality, great content and engages maximum customers efficiently!