Why should brands consider TikTok for influencer marketing?

Top brands across the world are shifting towards new social media marketing tool while searching for influencer marketing, popularly known as TikTok. This platform is a short lip syncing video app that was earlier known as Music.ly, but in 2018, Chinese Company-Bytedance acquired the app. They moved all the content, users, and features of this app to TikTok.

You will find ample of marketing influencer on this platform, showcasing their creativity and acting skills with millions of users. This social media platform helps companies to run their marketing campaigns as well. You can approach the TikTok star with millions of followers to promote your brand either from their Instagram or Facebook profile, whichever is suitable.

How TikTok win the heart of people?

TikTok offers some fantastic features to users to shot video of some seconds and convey a quick message to the audience. TikTok is overflowing with some great content ideas and features, which are as follows:
* Large sound selection
* Adding filters
* Trending dance videos
* Lip-syncing and voice dubbing videos
* Duets
* Cute pets
* Artists
* Musician
* Memes
As per October 2018 reports, TikTok had 500 million active monthly users, a most downloaded app with video and photo sharing. Its seamless video creation, viewing, and sharing make TikTok loveable app among the audience.

How can businesses utilize TikTok for brand awareness?

TikTok doesn€™t entertain any ads, yet it is the most-in-demand social media marketing platform. As no place for ads is what fascinates businesses, making it a potential marketing platform. It is recognized for its innovative and unique content that is conveyed to people. Companies in search of marketing influencer can consider TikTok as their one-stop-solution.

Before you run your marketing campaign in TikTok, ensure that your demographics are appropriate as per the target audience. If your target audience is youngsters, then TikTok marketing is the most successful way. Data suggest that there are 41% are TikTok users, falling into the age group of 16-24, whereas 66% of users are in the age of 16-30.

How to find TikTok Influencers?

Every day millions of users create some unique content on TikTok, and some of these popular creators have huge fan followers. They have actually engaged loyal people who like and appreciate their creativity in the video. Businesses can approach these influencers and give them some content that would help to promote their brand. You can also run contests and challenges to create brand awareness across the target audience and drive more sales.

More so, many of these influencers have their own Instagram account or are Instagram influencers as well, where they promote their creativity. You can get in touch with such personalities and enhance your business visibility and reach.

For instance, if you want to promote shoes or apparels, you can run the marketing campaign by asking your TikTok influencer to wear all the stuff and create a video. People observe the fashion sense of creators and will undoubtedly ask where they bought it.


TikTok is growing incredibly that mostly serve youth users. Though there are no ads, Tiktok has the potential to promote brands due to its level of customer engagement and the rising TikTok stars. Influencer marketing on TikTok could be an excellent choice for any business to promote the brand through various contests and challenges.