Content Marketing- Top 5 trends to follow

It is truly said that ‘Content is a king’ as it plays a vital role in rewarding success to companies on the digital platforms. We know! We know! This phrase is not new, but let’s faces it, because of the increased focus on content and its marketing strategies; the relevance of content has become all more important.

If we look into things from ages, another one big reason for the rise of content is because media has become democratized. Can you imagine Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat would have existed if they didn’t have content? There would be just blank spaces that no one would love to visit because there will be nothing to read, comment, like or share.

What is Content Marketing?

In simple words, Content marketing is selling your quality content to your valuable targeted audience. It is one of the strategic approaches of the marketing focused on creating, converting and distributing an important, valuable, and consistent content to the target audience. It helps to enhance awareness, encourages loyalty and increases the profitability of your brand. In this world of digitalization - highly shareable, influencing, entertaining, and authoritative content is playing the role.

Why Content Marketing?

It is no more a secret that in today’s widely fragmented and competitive market, every brand around the globe is figuring out the most creative ways of telling their brand story. It acts as a mediator between brands and customers and creates a signature style for every brand that builds recognition and spread the word about their brand’s personality too. It connects you with your customers and responsible to make you a hero or zero in one day.

We all know with the new advancing technologies, marketers are savvier to know how to use them for getting potential outputs. Robots are replacing human resources and thus it becomes even more important for existing brands to grab any second of attention of their respective audiences.

So it’s time to get serious about content marketing trends that should be followed in 2019.

1. The content marketing plan is a need of the hour

For every business, it is very much important to draft a proper plan of their content marketing strategies before initiating any campaign, either online or offline. The content should fulfill your demands according to your business goals and walk on the same way to achieve targeted business goals. It should complete the 4 W and 1 H rule that i.e. WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHICH and HOW content should be used, created and shared.

2. Originality and relevance should be focused

It’s not only Google and other content crawlers, but even the audience to looks for content that should be original and relevant. You can show your maximum creativity coming up with fresh ideas, but it should not be copied from another story. Relevancy also plays an important role to keep maintaining the trust of the customers.

3. Create a connection with customers through stories

When youre hiring a single influencer marketing agency, the hustle would be less. As the agency will coordinate well and increase the overall efficiency of your marketing campaign, leading to better customer experience. They have hand-picked list of influencers that will work best for your brand and widen your reach. They also help you avoid any kind of duplication in your marketing campaigns that other brands try to pick from your process.Are you planning to win a content marketing game in 2019? Then you should inculcate storytelling as a part of your marketing strategy. Instead of bombarding social media pages of your customers with random pieces of information that have no head and toe, create rich informative stories that help you to connect your brand with the readers and build their trust too. Your brand’s storytelling should ideally be a biography on your brand which covers your history, evolution, offering, and value that you serve to your targeted audience.

4. Present your content in visual form

It has been a common observation in recent times that visual content always attracts the audience and get better results. You can see itself in your own very daily life, that whenever you scroll down your social media pages, you will surely stop at that post which contains beautiful pictures and videos with informative content. Large chunks of words only are something that people ignore these days as they get bored with it. In recent days tik tok emerge as a strong visual tool after Instagram and Facebook.

5. Micro-influencers are the real hero

Nowadays, it is very common to use the influencer marketing strategy by marketers. But it is not at all necessary to hire big names as your influencers. Try to put your hand on those that can serve your industry and the niche market. In 2019, more and more employees of the companies, existing customers and individuals with small followings on social networks will be targeted to promote the product and become the brand’s advocates and evangelists.