Why Nano and Micro-influencers are suitable for brands?

Influencer marketing has become a new buzzword worldwide. As digitalization hit the market- a dramatic transformation from the perspective of customers and enterprises has been observed. Where modern customers are less believing in brand ads, influencer marketing is boosting the brand-customer relationship incredibly. Brands can efficiently deliver quality, genuine word of mouth advertising with the right influencers. Experts reported that influencer campaigns could boost your positive brand's sentiments up to 9%.

All you need to do is find the right influencer of your niche who can convey your products by creating better content. You will get a readymade target audience to grow your brand with the help of influencer marketing.

The progression of marketing influencers

In the present scenario, there are different types of marketing influencers. You will find nano-influencers that boast 1000-5000 followers and micro-influencers with 2000 to 100,000 followers on various digital platforms. However, do you know that these influencers are becoming the number of choice of big brands? Well, this is because the level of authenticity these influencers offer and user-engagement they conjure is impressive.

It seems that shortly, the growth of marketing influencers will boom in the market. Notably, nano and micro-influencers will build stronger relationships with their audience and become more deep-rooted in tactical marketing planning. All the big brands that are looking for creative and easy ways to connect with their audience- this is the right time! Fortunately, influencers are very close to their followers as possible, that also on a measurable and scalable level.

Nano and micro-influencers can be a better choice to drive business growth

Nano-influencers have fewer followers and are still making their way to market because they have incredibly high engagement with their followers. We know an inexperience influencer might seem risky, but nano-influencers are new into the market, and they may provide you with better content. A new influencer might have new creative ideas that boost the brand goal. It's just a mere of followers, and it will keep increasing day-by-day that will eventually enhance your brand image. But once you connect personally with your target audience, note down their feedback and update your products/services accordingly.

If you're looking for a higher customer-engagement rate and want to develop a personal relationship with customers, then nano-influencers can be an ideal choice. Moreover, this deal would be also budget friendly.

On the other hand, micro-influence has higher followers as compared to Nano-influencer. Even micro-influencers are recognized for providing higher-customer engagement rates. These marketing influencers have already captured the market with their quality content, which means 'they have got a little experience. You 'don't have to worry about how things will go with micro-influencers. Moreover, micro-influencers are a bit costly than Nano, but 'you'll achieve the desired results.

What's better?

In the end, everything depends on your business requirements. Whether you boast a large scale business or a small one, it entirely relies on how much 'you're planning to invest in your marketing techniques. If influencers are something on your mind, then this is the most cost-effective way to promote your brand. It will provide you with better visibility in minimal time in this fast-paced digital market.

More so, you can choose either Nano or micro-influencers because both the marketing influencers can provide you genuine customer engagement and creative content ideas. This is a good approach business can adopt in their marketing strategies. It will not only save on cost but will also reflect the good and bad in your product.


All-in-all, choosing budget-friendly Nano and micro-influencers can be the best decision if you want a real engagement with your customers. In this, less the followers more the authentic customers you can target straight away. Furthermore, you can invest in macro-influencers as well if you want to enhance the visibility of your brand. But it may take a toll on your business in terms of finances comparatively.