CASE STUDY- How Truebasics uses the powers of macro-influencers

Truebasic is a brand of Bright life care which make health and beauty supplement. The Brand wanted to promote a beauty supplement called Collagen beauty via Macro influencers on Instagram.

Campaign brief and Goal-

Brand wanted to generate organic static and video content with the help of some of the known social media influencers. Their goal was to reach out more and more audience and generate awareness about this beauty supplement.

How Sociopuff worked on it-

Based on the brief and requirements we suggested working with around 30 fashion, health, model, actors, etc influencers. We thoroughly identified and shortlisted influencers based on their engagement, past work, and the types of content they create.


We reached out to 27 female Instagram Influencers from various genres like health-fitness, model, actor, fashion-life style, etc. These influencers are experts in their respective niche are in their mid-20s.

Campaign Idea- 

Influencers created natural and authentic content. They included the collagen beauty product as part of their daily life and created an authentic and motivating positive appeal about the product. 

Campaign result from 27 Instagram Influencers-

Targeted followers5.8 MN
Total unique content created100
Total video views2.8MN
Engagement rate2.63%


* Leverage influencers who are the real user of the product.

* Give full freedom to creators to create content but make sure it is within brand guidelines.

* Keep the brand message, hashtags, promo codes, and other guidelines constant throughout each content and influencer.

Some Preview of content created